SOMATOEMOTIONAL RELEASE (SER) is an extremely effective client directed/therapist facilitated technique of releasing the stored memories and emotions that one acquires during stressful and often times traumatic event(s).  SER is performed during the CST session when the CranioSacral Therapist connects with and Dialogues with the clients Inner Physician (Inner Wisdom, or All Knowing) and monitors the body for significant changes in the CranioSacral Rhythm. When something significant is showing up, or is being processed and/ or expressed by the client, the CranioSacral Rhythm comes to an abrupt stop, and stays off until the release is complete.  It is at this point, that the client's awareness can be directed to connect with the various parts of themselves, their body, and/or their subconscious or non-conscious self, to recognize and release the emotions that are being held in the various body's tissues.  

Often times,  the client will recall experiences, traumas, accidents, and emotions, that have been trapped and stored in the body's tissues.  When this opportunity arises during the SER process, the client can release the things they have been holding beneath the surface of their awareness, sometimes for years.  Once the suppressed experience(s) surface, the problems can be dealt with and resolved.  Additionally, we often find that the client's pain and other symptoms resolve on the spot.   When successful, SER helps change people's lives tremendously.